Mass testing in Oslo schools

In order to ensure that young people do not spread the infection, we would like pupils to test themselves twice a week. This will allow us to find hidden infections and schools can remain open.

If you have received 2 doses of the coronavirus vaccine or undergone COVID-19 the past 12 months, you don't need to test yourself.

How do I test myself with a self-test?

You will receive a self-test at school and the school will tell you where to go to take the test.

The self-test is easy to use. You test yourself and then read the answer on the test stick after 15 minutes. It is important that you follow the procedure carefully to ensure that you get the correct result.

How to do the test? 

You should test yourself on Tuesdays and Fridays. 

Read the entire procedure for the test here (Norwegian only)

Quick reference guide in english (pdf) 

What should I do if the test is positive?

  1. Isolate yourself and stay at least two metres away from other people. Wear a face mask.
  2. Take a PCR test by booking an appointment for a test online or use the drop-in service at municipal test centres in Oslo.
    1. You can also ring the corona phone on 21 80 21 82. 
    2. If you live outside Oslo, ring the corona phone where you live.
  3. Notify your contact teacher that you are unable to attend school.

What should I do if the test is negative?

  • If the test is negative, you have not tested positive for corona.
  • Continue to follow the applicable infection regulations and test yourself twice a week.

Data protection and consent

The school must observe confidentiality and will ensure that the privacy of each pupil is safeguarded. If a pupil tests positive, only the pupil and their parents/guardians, where applicable, will be notified of this.

The test is voluntary for pupils. Parental consent is not required for pupils under 18 years of age to participate in testing at school. As a parent/guardian you can, in any case, state whether or not your child should be tested. Please get in touch with the contact teacher, if necessary.